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The customers of Schneidhofer search and connect are often all those involved in a large-scale plant construction project: Investors/builder-owners/operators, project controllers/owner’s engineers, general contractor/subcontractor, auditing companies/NoBo’s (Notified Bodies).

Our services - Recruitment (Perm)
The classic placing staff (PERM)

Our personnel placement service (PERM) is the classic placement of specialists in the employment relationships of our clients who have entrusted us with the search.

The search is based on a contractual agreement between the client company and Schneidhofer search and connect.

These agreements can be completely customized and depend on many parameters.

We do not necessarily claim to search for suitable candidates exclusively for our clients and are happy to face the competition. Nevertheless, the mutual fair, open and cooperative relationship between our customers and Schneidhofer search and connect has the highest priority.

For us, the work begins when we have worked out a comprehensive profile of requirements with our clients and all questions have been completely clarified.

The procurement of work and service contracts | Schneidhofer search and connect e.K.
The procurement of contracts for work and services

The service “service contracts” describes the situation that client companies have personnel requirements for an activity or a closed project. The need can arise due to peak order periods, lack of staff resources or can be understood as a closed outplacement project for which an entire team of technical experts must be provided.

Client companies assign such service contracts, especially where several technical experts are required, to personnel service providers or engineering offices that are responsible for the complete handling of these technical experts, from personnel resource planning to settlement with the company awarding the contract.

The service providers or engineering offices – often referred to as providers – employ both freelancers and technical experts as employees and handle the project defined with the customer.

The service contract is another instrument used by client companies to handle projects, but also, for example, in manufacturing companies on a permanent basis.

Schneidhofer search and connect e.K. offers this possibility, which can also be handled in cooperation with other engineering offices.

If you have a specific requirement or need more detailed information, please let us know.

The placement of freelancers and interim managers | Schneidhofer search and connect e.K.
The placement of freelancers and interim managers (m/w/d)

The placement of interim managers can involve various contractual forms of employment – as consultants on a freelance basis, with a managing director contract or in the form of work subject to social security contributions.

The character to the engagement of an interim manager is usually a time limitation of the activity. The activity of an interim manager is also largely in a managerial position, partly with professional and in particular disciplinary responsibility and the necessary authorizations.

Schneidhofer search and connect has built up an international network of personal contacts to interim managers for a wide range of tasks over many years.

Similar to the placement of interim managers, the character of the placement of freelancers is a time limitation of the activity.

In contrast to interim managers, freelancers are only employed on a freelance basis and their job is usually project management with no disciplinary responsibility whatsoever, but with professional responsibility, e.g. construction management, QA/QC inspections.

When recruiting freelancers, we have extensive experience in all phases and disciplines of a turnkey project – from feasibility studies and engineering to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We also have extensive experience in the placement of freelancers – both nationally and internationally – and a corresponding network.

If you would like to learn more about this, simply let us enter into dialogue with each other.

The project-related purchase of personnel services | Schneidhofer search and connect e.K.
The project-related purchase of personnel services

The service of purchasing personnel services for large projects is often called Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Here we are usually already involved in the start-up or planning phase of projects of the customer companies.

This can be illustrated with a so-called EPC project – Engineering, Procurement, Construction.

The EPC project is based, among other things, on a time schedule that includes a project- and/or company-specific breakdown. Simplified, at EPC, we plan the personnel requirements in the E, P and C phase together with the project management on the basis of the schedule.

Existing provider partners (engineering offices/personnel service providers) of the client company are classified according to their specialization and the personnel requirements are requested by us at an early stage.

The circle of providers can be extended accordingly by Schneidhofer search and connect, based on the supplier conditions of the client company.

The advantages of this service, among others:

– Relief of HR and purchasing by Schneidhofer search and connect as a specialized external recruitment partner for turnkey projects.

– Acting early instead of reacting when the need for personnel is usually recognized or arises too late.

– This also means better cost control, as not every price has to be paid to win over an expert for the project due to time pressure.

Why choose us?

We are recruitment specialists in international large-scale plant construction. We are among the best in this field and have been working in partnership with our customers for years. Because we understand you!

An extract of our successful placements

We are specialists in international large-scale plant construction and, if necessary, call in other specialists to support projects with you. We are among the best in our field and have been working in partnership with our customers for years.

  • Project management (technical/commercial)
  • QA / QC Manager
  • HSE Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Claim / Contract Manager
  • cost controller
  • Project Engineering Manager
  • Engineers for feasibility studies, designs, specifications, bid management, P & ID’s, process engineering, installation planning, documentation
  • Calculation Engineers
  • Structural engineer
  • Designers (mechanical & electrical) for basic and detail engineering
  • Processing engineers, e.g. for civil, steel construction, mechanical and apparatus engineering, materials handling, piping, electrical engineering, automation
  • Engineers for Research & Development
  • Projekteinkäufer, Baustellenkaufleute, Cost Controller
  • Subcontract Manager
  • Expediting Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Site Manager / Construction Manager
  • HSE Manager / Experts for occupational safety
  • Scheduler
  • Claim / Contract Manager
  • Construction site clerk
  • Foreman / scaffolding coordinator
  • Site managers of the disciplines involved
  • Specialist welding engineers (e.g. QA / QC)
  • Commissioning Manager
  • Commissioning engineers of the disciplines involved
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Service technician
  • Temporary Operations Manager
  • Aftersales Manager
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